Why CityCenter

"When you are here, it just feels different, in a good way."
- Steve Palec, Colliers International

"This building is just cool."
- Ian Abston, Millenian

"Staff is professional and prompt."
- Jamey Morgan, Concorde Staff Source

We know you can choose to locate your office pretty much anywhere you want. So why here?

Where We Are.
We are downtown Milwaukee. Not just on the edge of downtown, or in downtown, we are at the center of downtown. Want to know more about why Downtown Milwaukee is so special?
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Who We Are.
CityCenter is proudly owned and managed by the Noel family through affiliated entities.
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What We Do.
Everything we do at CityCenter is specifically designed to support your business, help you be productive, grow your network, expand your client base, attract new talent, meet new friends, get introduced to new ideas... And most of all, let you focus on what you do best.

We Don't quit - ever

This is our passion.

From the moment you get here, you will feel it. We work harder, because we own it. We manage it. We are the only ones responsible for the results we get. In that way, we're just like you and your company!

We get it, and we know how hard you work to make sure your company and your family are successful. So we consider it our responsibility to be your ally and your partner in making sure you can do what you need to do.

Our Work

We get results.

In every industry there are standards. And then there are those who are looking to raise the bar on those standards.

We are proud to be the latter. At 104 years young, the CityCenter at 735 continues to lead the way.

Named "The Outstanding Building of the Year" by the International Building Owners and Managers Association

BOMA 360 Certified - independently verified use of industry best practices.

Here are a few more...

LEED Certified
EBOM Silver
Energy Star
WIRED score

We are constantly innovating.
Below are a few examples of how we stay ahead:

We focus our energy to contribute to your success.

We understand the power of your brand and your product.
We are small business people too! 

As such, we consider your choice to rent space with us an investment in us. We know you only invest your resources in things that produce returns on your investments.

How being here helps your Business Succeed
  • We are talent attraction and retention minded.
  • We eliminate building distractions while at work.
  • We reduce the annoying reasons to leave work early.
  • We are solutions oriented and proactive.
Our Elevators
Our state of the art destination dispatch elevators are more than the most energy efficient technology, they actually generate power when in use!
Building Automation
We use technology to anticipate building climate changes. This not only allows us to run efficiently, but also allows us to spot issues, before you feel them.
Automated Tenant Requests
Our team uses technology to manage your requests and all of our preventative maintenance. The system is transparent and built to hold us accountable.
Proactive Restrooms
Even our restrooms are designed to reduce paper waste and spot problems before you do. Through Onvation, our dispensers alert us so you don't have to!
We know how important it is to stay connected. By early 2018, the CityCenter will feature a distributed antenna system, pushing high speed Wi-Fi to our common areas and a boosted cellular phone signal throughout. Even in the elevators!
Geothermal Heat Exchange
We use our resources wisely. To conserve energy, we use the Milwaukee River water to help us heat and cool the building. Our systems are also designed and operated to use outside air to help us cool the building whenever possible. We conserve energy.
Green Seal Certified Cleaning
Clean is important, but we also think it is important to get it done without using nasty chemicals. Our 5 day a week janitorial service uses only Green Seal Certified cleaning products & methods. We are also big on recycling and we will help you recycle too!
On Site Security
It is important to not only feel safe but be safe.  Our building is staffed 24/7/365 so no matter when you are working, we are too. You are never alone.  To help, we use technology to control access and monitor all of our entrances and elevators.
Building Features

There's a lot to love about CityCenter

Here are a few more things about our us that we think you should know about.

We own it and we manage it

Through affiliated entities we own and manage all of our own real estate. This requires us to be accountable. When we make a promise we have to keep it. After all, you know were we work!

We've got character, over 100 years worth

They just don't make them like this any more. We've got all the character of Daniel Burnham - world class architecture, with all of the modern upgrades you'd find in even the newest construction.

We're well connected

4 different fiber networks are here. Most of them are on a self healing ring within 2 blocks of the source. We've even connected their infrastructure to emergency power so that you stay connected.

We know where you parked your car

We have access to more parking than we know what to do with. Our parking options range from valet service to unreserved spaces. We can even arrange to reserve your spot, so you always know where to park. Unfortunately though - parking does cost extra.

We're certifiable... or at least certified

Sustainability is in our blood.
Energy star rated, LEED Certified, BOMA 360 certified and one of only 2 buildings in all of Wisconsin to be designated by the International Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) with a TOBY Award The Outstanding Building of the Year.

We are all inclusive

Included in the rent is 5 day a week green seal certified janitorial services, 5 day a week concierge services, 24/7/365 hour on site security, discounted Gold's Gym memberships, on site management and on site (and on call) maintenance, and - oh yeah, our pontoon boat - we call it Conference Room #3.